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Interview with a siren, Alana Blanchard

What are you doing when you're not surfing?

I'm really starting to get into Pilates. I also just hang out with my boyfriend and my girl friends etc.

Which surfers inspire you the most?

All the girls on the tour, and all the up and coming girls.

Alana Blanchard under water

Who is your best friend on tour?

I wouldn't say that I have a best friend, but I've known Coco Ho longer than anyone else on the tour. I have also known Steph Gilmore, Jessi Miley-Dyer and Jacqueline Silva for quite a while because we all ride for Rip Curl. Everyone on the tour is really nice, and we all get along very well.

Sexy Alana Blanchard in bikini

Who is the craziest girl in and out of water on the tour?

Probably me, hehe.

Best place to live and why?

Kauai because it's my home, it's beautiful and I love it.

Tell us your favorite…

Surf spot : Hanalei Bay.

Competition : Haleiwa is one of my favorite places to compete.

Victory : Pipeline Women's Pro.

Board :  Steve Boysen Surfboards.

Type of wave :  Right points or reef breaks.

5 songs at the moment (song and artist name) : Any of Lady Gagas or Rihanas songs.

Please tell us about your worst experience in a contest?

I seem to have a hard time at any contest at Huntington Beach. I plan to change that.

Tell us about the biggest party on tour that you have been to – when, where, with who?

I haven't really gone to any ragers since I've been on tour but my friend Candice and her dad Furcat and also my parents put on a really nice party for me when I made the WCT tour. It was a surprise party and all my friends were there.

Finally, pick your top 5 surfers and a destination to make a “drive thru” movie?


Alana Blanchard , Kaui (Hawaii) is a part of a fresh group of rookies all under the age of 20. But more than that, Alana represents a perfect dream for female, made of talent and beauty. She's considered as one of the sexiest girl of the Planet and one of the best female surfer. You can find her charging barrels of the powerfull Pipeline and the next time making sexy photo shots as a model for photographers. Freaksurf Magazine decided to catch her and to discover a little more about this big charger in a siren body.

Pretty Alana Blanchard with her board

Freaksurf Mag : Who is Alana Blanchard?

Alana Blanchard : Just an unassuming person who is kinda shy, hehe.

FSM : When did you start surfing and why?

AB : My dad started pushing me in to little waves when I was 3 or 4 years old and I have loved it ever since.

Where are you actually living?

I live in Princeville on the north shore of Kauai.

Is the ASP World Tour like you imagined it?

Yes it is. I really like the two women heats. It is so much better that 4 people heats and the waves we get to surf are way better than the waves on the WQS.

Is it hard to be a rookie on the tour?

Yes because of the seeding. Hopefully I can get a good result in Australia and then I will have a better seeding for Portugal.

How do you describe your way of surfing?

I try to surf with flow and power but I'm still working on that. I am also working on doing airs.

What is your favorite maneuver?

I've actually landed a few airs which is a great feeling but my favorite maneuver is probably when I can drive off the bottom and flow into a top turn. It's all a work in progress.

Is your ambition to be world champion?

Yeah, that is what I'm working towards. I think that is what all the girls are working towards.

This year there are a lot of new young surfers both male and female, winning events, kicking veterans’ asses and featuring in all the magazines – how do you explain that?

Alana Blanchard roller

Describe your home surf spot?

My home surf spot is Hanalei Bay. There are point breaks, reef breaks, and beach breaks. It has a little of everything.

Alana Blanchard in swimsuit

What does the "Wolfpack" represent to you?

It is a group of guys mainly on the north shore of Oahu but somehow a lot of them are from Kauai. It's definitely a guy thing. They try to keep order out in crowded line ups.

How did you first get involved with Rip Curl and what is your relationship with this major company?

I've been riding for Rip Curl for over 6 years now. They are a great company and I have a really good relationship with everyone who works there. They are so helpful and they are responsible for my being able to pursue my dream of being professional surfer.

Tell us about last year on the WQS?

Last year was my first year on the WQS. The competition is crazy because there are so many girls trying to qualify for the WCT. It was really a learning experience as is this year. You never stop learning. The traveling is amazing but it is also hard on you. I am definitely glad when I get home and am able relax and sleep in my own bed

Alana Blanchard wearing a bikini

Did qualification to the ASP World Tour change your life? How?

Yes, you get much more exposure when you are on the WCT. It also means more traveling because I'm still doing the WQS. It has made me much more serious about competition because of how professional and ambitious all the girls on the WCT are. There have only been 2 WCT contests so far with 5 to go so it's almost like it's just getting started and the year is almost over. So I'm sure there is going to be a lot more to learn.

We have learned everything we know from the vets and we are just trying to take it a step further I guess. It's the same in every sport.

You're very sexy and it seems to be the sexy year on tour, with lot of reports and photo shoots in magazines, and Transworld Surf named you as the #1 “hottest girl in pro surfing” – what do you think about that?

I think it's pretty funny. They could have picked any number of girls for that. I think it has helped my career along and I am definitely grateful for that. I guess there are some who think it's a sell out but it's happening in most professional sports now, so why not surfing.

Alana Blanchard surfing

Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes, my boyfriends name is Ke'ale, we have been together for about 3 1/2 years now.

What do you think about how some surf companies use models and not female surfers?

I would think that a surf company would use a team rider instead of a model. That way they would be promoting the team rider and their product at the same time.

Alana Blanchard riding and showing fins

Is fashion important to you? What do you most like to wear?

If I am going out I like to dress up. But since I live on Kauai I am usually wearing a Rip Curl bikini, shorts, skirts etc.

Have you ever been contacted by fashion companies or modelling agencies?

No I haven't but I have done a lot of modeling for Rip Curl, Sanuk Footwear and Spy eyewear. I have really learned a lot about that aspect of my profession through those photo shoots. I'm feeling pretty comfortable in front of a camera now.



Steph Gilmore, Coco Ho, Carissa Moore, Leila Hurst and me. We would go to the right points of Morocco.

Thanks Alana !

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Sexy Alana Blanchard in bikini


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